Change.Org Ends Sexual Assault Activism Month With Week of Action

April is coming to a close, but there is still plenty of work to be done in these last couple of days. As you’re making your final Sexual Assault Activism Month pledges, head over to Change.Org’s Women’s Rights section and check out the petitions they are featuring in honor of SAAM. Most relevant to SAFER’s immediate work are of course:

But there many other important petitions related to SAAM that deserve your signature. Alex DiBranco has been writing great feature posts about a number of these issues every day this week, including an excellent overview of Denim Day yesterday and an in-depth look at the UC Regent situation on Monday.’s week of action is almost over, but you can catch all the last minute updates on Facebook , by following them on twitter at  @changewomen or checking out #saamchange.

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