Amazing bloggers united to take down offensive, ignorant remarks

So here is an incomplete list of some of the many fantastic responses to MacDonald’s op-ed in the LA Times. They say many things more eloquently and at greater length than I, and I urge you to check them out. Also, make sure to read the comments, there’s lots of good information in those as well (as well as a few wannabe apologists, but just watch them get taken down).

We will be updating this post with new links instead of adding new posts on the same topic. Send us any links you come across!

Katie Roiphe Wanna Be Writes Denialist Diatribe

Astraea’s Scales
Remember Girls: Only You Can Prevent Rape

The Curvature
LA Times: Women Should Stop Bitching About the Rape that Doesn’t Actually Happen

-It’s Only a Myth if You Believe That Those Sluts Were Asking for It -A bit more on that “one in four” statistic

LA Times: What Rape Crisis?

Fun with Feminism
College is no place for women’s rights or sexuality

Conservative Critic: College Rape Statistics Are Overinflated

Law and Letters
Take Back the Rhetoric on Rape

Rape: Pretty Real When It’s Happening

Absence of Evidence Finally Proves Evidence of Absence!

Rowdy Kittens
LA Times OpEd: “What campus rape crisis?”

The Word Warrior
A Double-Dose of What-the-Fuck?!?!?!