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Thank you for taking the pledge to take direct action during Sexual Assault Activism Month this April! 

Below are links with ideas for how to take concrete steps in your community to prevent, reduce, and improve the response to sexual violence at your school. SAFER focuses on sexual assault policy reform as a way for campus communities to implement sustainable and comprehensive strategies to address sexual violence.

To get you started, please check out our video "Why Policy" and review what we believe makes a better sexual assault policy. SAFER also believes that campus policies and the activism around them must be based in an anti-oppression framework. For more on this, please see our document Interectionality: The Specifics of a Diverse and Inclusive Movement.  

Action Ideas for Current Students

Action Ideas for Alum

Action Ideas for Parents

Action Ideas for Faculty, Staff and Administrators

At the end of the month we will be sending a short questionnaire so you can tell us about what action you took this SAAM, and we will be accepting nominations for one exceptional activist or group to win a free SAFER Training and follow-up mentoring in the Activist Mentoring Program (AMP!). 

Students who take the pledge and respond to the questionnaire will be entered in our awesome raffle. We'll randomly-select winners in early May, 2011. If you would like to contribute to our raffle prizes, please contact us.

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