Welcome to Sexual Assault ACTIVISM Month 2012

And so begins another SAAM! Last year, you may remember, SAFER decided to start recognizing April as Sexual Assault ACTIVISM Month, to highlight the awesome action being taken by students on campuses across the country, and to encourage more to get involved and make change. A personal highlight was the great images made by Gangsta Feminists, and hearing the inspiring reasons why so many people were pledging to take action.

This year, we’re focusing our Sexual Assault ACTIVISM Month closer to our home with FlipIt! Students Organizing Against Violence. We’ve been telling you about this one-day student summit for a while now, but if we can’t stop talking about it, it’s just because we’re really excited. On April 14th we–with NOW-NYC and A Long Walk Home–have planned a really special day that melds arts activism and policy activism to strengthen the organizing capacity of student activists across the city. We are focusing particularly on bringing together NYC students of color, LGBTQQI students, students with disabilities, and low-income students to help build a stronger and more representative student anti-violence movement here in the city. As of right now, we are still accepting applications, so apply! And tell your friends. Did I mention that the whole day is free, and includes an amazing multimedia performance from A Long Walk Home? Would breakfast and lunch sweeten the deal? Cause we’ve got that too!

But for those of you not in NYC, we hope you engage with SAFER this SAAM by participating in the Campus Accountability Project if you haven’t already; registering for our Activist Resource Center and checking out our latest piece, “Campus Policy: Down to the Details“; or get the jump on next year by thinking about kicking off 2012-2013 with a SAFER training.

But of course there’s more to activism than just what we do. If you’re doing something great on campus this Sexual Assault ACTIVISM Month, tell us about it. SAAM should be not only about taking action, but building knowledge. What’s working on your campus and what isn’t? Leave us a comment, or contact us. We’d love you to blog about it for us, if you can pull yourself away from your awesome postering/protesting/and speaking out (and and school work and having a non-activist life!) for a few minutes.

Most importantly though; have fun. SAAM can be daunting—for us too. Event planning, organizing, sorting through intense issues…this stuff can be hard, and it takes perseverance and sometimes a lot of courage. Remember to celebrate the small (and large!) victories and take some time to take care of you.

We think it’s gonna be a good April.

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