Twitter Movement Highlights Underreporting #ididnotreport

Trigger warning for disclosures of sexual assault 

Many of SAFER’s social media-savvy readers have probably already heard about this, but, if you haven’t, it’s worth checking out. Just a few days ago, feminist activists from across the pond coined #ididnotreport, and survivors began bravely disclosing their unreported experiences of sexual assault via Twitter. Here are a few powerful examples:

Absolutely nothing but blame was placed on me after my first 2 assaults. #ididnotreport the most recent. Couldn’t go through that again. -Colleen

#ididnotreport any of them because I’d been taught that it was only rape if violence or threats were used. -Merinnan

An anonymous friend: “#ididnotreport because I’m male, and no one would have believed me.” -imbecillis

So far, survivors and people close to survivors have sent 3,493 tweets using #ididnotreport. Did you or someone you know choose not to report after a sexual assault for fear of poor treatment by school administrators or disbelieving friends, law enforcement officials, etc.? Head over to Twitter and get involved in this amazing social-media movement to shed light on the troubling phenomenon of underreporting.

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