Calling all college anti-violence organizers: Help us reach 300 published policies!

The holiday season is upon us, which means it’s time for SAFER and V-Day’s second annual Winter Break Challenge. We know what student activists are against. Now we want to know what you’re for.

This winter break, SAFER and V-Day are asking you to participate in the Campus Accountability Project (CAP) to hold your school accountable for preventing and responding to sexual violence on your campus. Register at and submit your school’s sexual assault policy to the CAP database using an easy, step-by-step policy review form. CAP helps you identify the gaps in your school’s policy and inspires concrete ideas for action on your campus.

Currently, the CAP database houses 233 policies in an online, public and searchable database, which details what colleges and universities are doing to prevent, reduce and respond to sexual violence. The database publicly recognizes the successes of some schools’ sexual assault policies while also highlighting flaws. For the Winter Break Challenge, SAFER and V-Day are asking current students and recent alums to submit their schools into the CAP database to reach a goal of 300 published policies. Soon we’ll be able to look at all of the schools in the database and report back on trends across the country—your participation is key part of this national conversation. 

Over the course of the next two months, SAFER will be releasing a series of training videos providing an overview of analysis and addressing the components of a comprehensive sexual assault policy: tone and definitions; primary prevention and risk reduction; crisis intervention and long-term survivor services; and finally, reporting, disciplinary procedures and oversight. The videos will provide suggestions for concrete improvement to your school’s policy to strengthen prevention efforts and improve the experiences of survivors on campus.

You can help kick-start real change on campuses nationwide by encouraging your friends and fellow activists to submit to CAP. For those whose schools are already in the database, share the love by posting the Facebook event, pass along the Why Policy video, and engage with us across social media platforms.

All  too often students fall through the cracks of their campus bureaucracy. Policy analysis is the first step to building an effective movement for change on campus. It’s time to hold your school accountable. Join us by supporting all students who demand the safer campuses they deserve.

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