Happy Holidays and Thank You from SAFER

So, the blog will likely be quiet for a few days as folks do their holiday thing and/or put in some self care time. But I wanted to take a moment to say a sincere thank you to everyone who supported SAFER this year, whether by making a donation, submitting their school’s policy, bringing us to their campus, volunteering and interning for us, telling a friend about what we do, re-tweeting and linking to our work, or even just reading this blog. As you all know, we don’t really get paid for much of what we do, so the folks who offer their support and encouragement are really the reward. And a great one at that.

I was reminded of how many awesome folks we have supporting us particularly over the past two months as we planned and to rolled-out our Winter Break challenge. We launched the Challenge on December 1, and we have already reached half of our goal for the break! At this rate, we can hopefully exceed our winter goal and put a big dent in our yearly goal of having 400 policies in the database. You can help us get there by taking the challenging and adding your school.

A lot of work went into making the Challenge happen. Erin, our unbelievably fantastic Campus Accountability Project coordinator took the lead, but she was supported by our partners at V-Day and her amazing interns, Erica and Suzy (we’ll miss you!). And we couldn’t process all of your CAP contributions without our dedicated CAP Review Team: Molly, Danielle, Laura, and Jes. Then there were the outreach volunteers who were total troopers, and took the time to help us with decidedly not-fun online research: Carmelina, Daria, David, Amy, Ishmet, Jerin, Stephanie, Brielle, and Nora.

And we definitely wouldn’t have gotten as many submissions this much were it not for all of our allies who blogged about CAP or tweeted about it, made space for it on their website, or forwarded along our press release. By name (because of the power of google) I can thank: The Line Campaign, Amanda at TBD, Hollaback!, Feministing, The Undomestic Goddess, Stop Street Harassment, AAUW, Greeks Against Sexual Violence, Jessica Valenti, Shira Tarrant, Change.org, CALCASA, Security on Campus, One Student, the NOW Young Feminists, Fighting with the Sky, and the NYC Alliance Against Sexual Assault. But I know there were more of you, particularly on tumblr, facebook, and twitter, who helped spread the word. Seriously, thank you. We couldn’t do it alone. (If I missed your blog post or website mention, please let me know. I want to give credit and also it’s helpful for us to know where we are on the web!)

Finally, on a personal note, thanks to the rest of the members of the SAFER team, including the rest of the Board, Erin, and the Board members who stepped down this year. What we do together is hard, and sometimes totally nuts, but we’ve had a totally impressive whirlwind year or two together and I’m so proud of us. You all impress me all the time. Thanks for everything you do, with love.

Enjoy the season everyone.

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