Beyond the Campus: Week 13

This week, Al Gore’s accuser came out of hiding, then Portland police reopened her case (although Mediate founder Dan Abrams doesn’t think it will lead to any charges), and Yes Means Yes blog broke down what Gore’s silence and denial really means, and reminds us that it’s not just the high-profile cases, everybody’s story gets attacked. We learned that the New York City Council ELIMINATED (not just cut down) on sexual violence funding (and that the police were reporting assaults as misdemeanors to manipulate statistics – what, don’t want to fill out extra paperwork?), while The Curvature reported Connecticut increased their funding for domestic violence prevention and response (who’s moving?). We also learned of some more high-profile rapes, with Judy Blume’s grandson being among the accused (Judy fricken Blume! You have respect for the female experience in your genes, you should know better, for shame!), as well as this film blogger on the run from allegations of sexual misconduct with his underage stepdaughter (a case of Woody Allen imitation?). And Sharron Angle told us that if we’re raped, it’s all part of god’s plan, and we should probably have our rapist’s baby too while we’re at it.

In abuse of police power, Women Undefined reports that an Oregon police officer was caught sexually abusing prostitutes, while Yes Means Yes reminds us that even sexual beings (yes, even sex workers!) command consent just like everybody else (and in case you missed it, police were threatening rape to protesters at the G20 summit – the G20!). In other authoritative inaction, a woman was severly beaten up at an NYC subway stop while station agents watched (which reminded me of this rape case where a station agent also stood by and did nothing – hey, great thing the MTA is cutting those positions so there will be even LESS useless witnesses around).

In other news, Amanda Hess at The Sexist broke down the coercion that occurred on the set of Olivia Munn’s Playboy photo shoot (that she explained to Time Out New York this week still haunts her), a Queens woman was busted for forcing young Korean women into sex slavery on Long Island (it always hurts when it’s women hurting other women, doesn’t it?), and The Curvature pointed out this great ad out of Scotland explaining that, no, women aren’t wearing that skirt just “asking” to be raped.

What else have you seen in sexual assault awareness this week?

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