More on Ableism and Sexual Assault

Last week I posted about new research indicating high rates of intimate partner violence amongst deaf college college students, and noted my own lack of knowledge on the host of different dynamics involved when discussing sexual assault and disability. FWD/Forward is an amazing blog written by feminists with disabilities (actually they are currently looking to hear from current and former college students with disabilities who would like to share their stories on navigating campus life) and I was really glad to see this post written by FWD/Forward’s abby jean on Feministe today.

The post, “Fighting Ableism Fights Sexual Assault” has a great breakdown of intersecting oppressions and sexual assault, focused on disability, and not only does it discuss a number of specific issues/risk factors facing disabled victims of sexual assault, it also reaffirms and illustrates one of SAFER’s core beliefs about anti-sexual violence organizing: that in order to fight sexual violence, you must challenge the power structures that engender ALL oppressions. Please check it out.

Feministe is going to be doing a series for SSAM on issues often overlooked by the feminist anti-violence movement. Hope you check in with them throughout the month.

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