Wednesday Linkage!

Bad study of the week indeed! Discover Magazine’s blog takes on the “women who dress slutty get raped” study so we don’t have to.

Marcella on the terrible news that LA County has run out of money for processing rape kits and California state isn’t far behind

Rachel at The-F-Word (one of my favorite bloggers!) reflects on catcalls.

Charlotte Hilton Andersen writes at Alternet of her (triggering!) experience as a peer counselor dealing with rape victims, and the media’s glamorization of sexual assault.

J writes an awesome post about breaking the bystander effect on I’ll Follow the Sun.

Two different stories on sexual assault in prison: one study says that corrections officers are now more sensitive to sexual assault issues, while Renee at Womanist Musings posts about the 60,000 sexual assaults that occur in prisons each year.

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